Licensing Scheme & Business Plan

We advise on the optimal structuring of your entity and guide you through the complex requirements of registration through to licensing and maintaining good-standing:
Entity Registration, Commercial Licence Renewal & Licence Amendments
Our expert teams provide a complete outsourcing service for the processing of the issuance and renewal of your Commercial License. We guide you through the maze of compliance processes with the interaction of multiple government departments and changes in legislation. Our services cover the full spectrum of business activities and structures for both local and international Companies.
Covering all Legal forms of Establishment, LLC & Foreign Branches
Commercial Registrations & Renewals of Commercial Licences
Business Start Up Plans , Incorporations Etc
Share Transfer, Amendment to the MOA and Legal amendments
Agency Agreements
Co-Working & Office Agent Services
Company Representations
Local Partnership , Sponsorship and Service Agents Agreements etc

Good-Standing With All Government Departments
We provide expert advice and support on further maintaining your Commercial License in good standing with all of the key government departments.
Ministry of Economy for branch registrations
Department of Economy for Commercial Licenses
Chamber of Commerce for activity registrations
Ministry of Labour and WPS for employers’ obligations
Ministry of Interior for immigration obligations
Supreme Petroleum Council for oil and gas approvals
Land Registration Department for tenancy contracts
Civil Defence Registration
Registration With Traffic Dept
Registration with CICPA/CNIA